I was lucky enough to be allowed to play in the Tinker Titan Rebel Spy playtest run by Mailanka. It was a lot of fun and my first realtime GURPS game. Mailanka did a great job running things painting the scene for us. There were some technical issues and we've found some issues with the space combat rules, but overall, it was a great session. To make it easier to navigate, I've included an index after the break.

Given the collaborative nature of GURPS and TTRPGs in general, I wanted to share what I've come up with for Mailanka's Psi-Wars. While I hope it gets used, I mainly want to share because others may be inspired by somethng I've come up with.

Most of this is going to be ships and fighters, but I've got ideas for a civilization separate from the Alexian Empire and the governments that came after and some organizations and factions within the current Empire. Both of which may or may not fit into what people have in mind. That's okay though. One of the amazing things about TTRPGs is that you aren't stuck with what a mod author or game developers give you. It's perfectly okay to grab stuff and make it your own.

Now, if you haven't heard of Mailanka's Psi-Wars, then allow me to give a brief overview. It's like Star Wars. It has a rebellious Alliance fighting an evil Empire and mystic knights that belong to forgotten orders and is just loaded with awesome! There are some differences. The Emperor is the son of a popular war hero that the leaders of the Federation, which is the Old Republic for all intents and purposes, had assassinated. There was a civil war and now you have the noble houses that led the Federation leading the Alliance and hoping to restore their prestige and previlege.

Wait. What?!

Yeeeeeeeup. Our plucky rebels are lead by a bunch of bluebloods. Did I forget to mention things in Psi-Wars aren't as cut and dried, black and white as they are in Star Wars? There's also a lot more depth than you ever got out of the movies. In fact, the whole project is essentially a master class in campaign building and well worth reading. I was using his process, in a much more amatuerish and messy fashion, to build the sci-fi campaign I'm planning on running a Play-by-Post campaign with. (Sadly that fell through due to players not really being that interested.)

But enough about that, let's get to the good stuff!

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