Now that I'm through the first iteration, there's a few questions I must ask myself.

No, not the meaning of life or why I'm writing this.

I mean questions like what worked, What needs work, and where do I go from here. Let's see if I've learned anything and lay out what I need to do in Iteration 2.

First, what worked? Well, enough worked to be playable. I could run a game using what I have and it'd potentially be fun. The templates work, but they could work better. Combat, as is, works, but it could be better and gauss pistols are stupidly underpowered. The quick contests for social encounters works, but it needs alot more work before I'd call it a polished system. The short of it is nothing's fundamentally broken, so what didn't work?

The Disadvantage limit was a non-starter. -100 points is a lot of points when dealing with "normal" humans and avoiding the exotic and supernatural Disadvantages. Sure it gives plenty of room for flavorful Disadvantages, but I wasn't exactly bumping up against the limit. I think 75 points is plenty, and I'm going to be building packages to make it easier to use those points. Readers may note that I didn't even add quirks which tend to be among the most flavorful options there are for GURPS characters. Social encounters also need a lot of work. It got a little repetitive and it didn't really have any zing to it.

Among other things, I've learned that I am capable of limiting myself to a scope if I really try. I often find that I'm biting off more than I can chew and it was nice to actually not do that for once. I learned that Reaction Rolls can make for fun situations and that I really need to beef up gauss weapons if I want to use them. Two shots from a pistol should down any unarmored and it was only thanks to a crit that one of gangers didn't get get into point-blank. I guess this makes things more exciting, but then again, it was only two guys, with no armor, charging down a corridor, not a mob.

What does this mean for Iteration 2? Well, I'm going to be introducing Social Engineering, Action 2 and Action 4, and material from the GURPS blogosphere to see if I can iron out the kinks in the basic mechanics. I'm going to wait for Iteration 3 before I hammer out some more of the setting and work on things like organizations, martial arts, and Gun Fu (Yep, Gun Fu. It fits with the aesthetic of Cowboy Bebop too well to not add in there.) I'm also going to be taking another look at the core activities and see if there's anything else I need to add in there to make things work in Iteration 2.

Keep an eye out for more of the Delta. Oh, and it's going to be a while before I get to the next Faolkan Septs post. I need to do a lot of reading and planning for that one and the ones after it, and they're going to be doozies.