Wow, it's been two months since I've wrote anything. I've been busy with stuff and things and things and stuff, but you're not here for any of that. You're here for what happened! Well, if you want to know, it was a fun session and we're likely to see things going very wrong very soon. If you want to find out more. it's after the break.

1. Summary

We picked up right where we left off with Sherri, Nal, Kyra, and company out in space. The retrival went smoothly and almost immediately things start to thicken like a good reaux. All of the usual suspects were present and things started to happen. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

1.1. Returning to the Warmain

Sherri and Kyra landed ahead of Nal who had to push the crippled junkheap of a fighter that the lone survivor of the attack from the previous session was in. The pair of them had a brief scene that I feel was a prelude to some more character growth for both of them. It revealed Kyra was a follower of the Shepherdess, a backwater faith that any respectable Neo-Rationalist would ridicule and scoff at in a heartbeat. Nal doesn't know about this facet of her yet, which I think makes their relationship a little more real and interesting. Anyway, Kyra proceeds to chew Sherri out for killing other pilot that had fled. Sherri then defends herself by saying she asked and was ordered too. I think the conversation revealed some of Kyra's insecurities and shows that as much as she's trying to emulate Nal's confidence, she's still just an officer not long out of the academy.

Nal comes in with the prisoner, a Jimmy Scrambles. While Scrambles is taken into custody, Nal is mourning the superficial damage his bird has taken. First it was singed by a near miss and now it's nose is scraped and scratched by pushing Jimmy's scrap heap to the Warmain. Kyra approaches and the conversation quickly turns to Sherri Grace. While Kyra tries to get a word in edgewise, Nal goes on about how skilled he thought Sherri was and how he thought it'd be a good idea to have her as part of their small little team. The poor girl was trying to say that Sherri was too insubordinate and trigger-happy, but Nal has other ideas. Before they part ways, Nal asks Kyra to look into why Sherri is a prison soldier.

1.2. An Interview with Mr. Scrambles

After his conversation with Kyra, Nal changes into his uniform and interrogates Jimmy Scrambles. Two things of note cropped up during the questioning. The first is that Jimmy Scrambles is a member, or was a member, of the Junk Punks a subsidary of the Mech Mob that seems to be the center of Gristee resistance against the Empire. While not particularly helpful on its own, it does present a lead for future investigations. The second and more concerning piece of information is that Scrambles and his fellows had images of the Shinjurai Princess's ship and were told to keep them from reaching the surface, which probably meant kill everyone on board. This confirmed the suspicions that she had been duped by someone in Director Thorn's party.

Jimmy Scrambles seemed to have gotten the wrong idea about Nal during the interrogation; however, and seemed to believe that Nal would be arranging his release. Nal's response was to ask "When did I say that I'd be letting you go?" Naturally, he wasn't too happy about that, but Nal had other things to take care of. His first order of business was to have a meeting with the Commodore to discuss their Shinjurai "passenger."

1.3. Messing with the Marrowheart

Meanwhile, Damari decided to look at the Marrowheart. He hooks the artifact up to a standalone system and activates it against the advice of his technical assistants. This immediately has an effect on Evander Rook, our psionic space knight who starts working his way back to the Marrowheart. It also has an effect on Sho Chan Sun, who, as it turns out, has latent psionic powers. What fun!

While Evander Rook is looking for the source of his migraine, the Marrowheart begins asking Damari "who?" over and over again before it starts slurping up every erg of power it can find and shutting off the Warmain. Rook cuts his way in and has Damari shut down the Marrowheart before forbidding him from touching it. This is something that our Commodore immediately endorses.

1.4. A Multitude of Conversations

There were several conversations that occured nearly simultaneously or in rapid succession. Most either grew characters or moved plot forward. Some of them have had a much larger immediate impact, but all of them will have some bearing on the story as a whole.

1.4.1. Abbott Chance gives some friendly advice to Sherri

The first conversation was a report given by Sherri to Abbott Chance, her handler, that quickly changed into him giving her some advice on how to get out of her perdicament. One of the things he suggested was to make friends among the ranking officers that could help sponsor her release. Sherri takes the advice to heart and proceeds to make her way to one of the cantinas in the ship's living spaces.

1.4.2. A Call from Governor Voss

Meanwhile, during the shenanigans with the Marrowheart, Commodore Greaves receives a call from Gideon Voss's secretary, Tera Masterton. She called to arrange a meeting between the Governor and the Commodore. She revealed herself as a native Gristee when the accent slips out after the Commodore gives her the runaround and refuses to agree to a meeting. After the call is terminated, Commander Badri Hara suggests that the Commodore should have accepted the offer. Of course, she stands by the Commodore's decision.

1.4.3. The Meeting

After the Commodore's call, he arranges for a meeting that Nal is, for once, on time for. Plans are discussed, information is shared, and a course of action is set. Damari, Kyra, Sherri, and Nal will go to suspected site of Director Thorn's dig, which was discovered thanks to a scan that the Commodore had ordered. Meanwhile, the Commodore and Evander Rook will meet with Governor Voss and Admiral Starlane. After the meeting, everyone had some free time and went off in various directions.

1.4.4. Nal and Kyra discuss Sherri

Kyra catches up with Nal and tells her what she's discovered. Unfornately, I can't remember what Kyra said and what Sherri revealed when Nal and she had a conversation later in the cantina. I also seemed to have forgotten to take notes on it as well. I think that Kyra did discover that Sherri was a bounty hunter that likely got on someone's bad side and that she was a compentent operator and didn't mind doing the paperwork. In any case, it only cemented Nal's desire to add her to his budding team of specialists.

1.4.5. Damari and The Princess

While the previous and next conversations were happening, Damari meets with the Shinjurai Princess and learns that her name is Mina. He and Mina both geek out over the Marrowheart and what it had done. Damari reveals that he has no concept of operational security and all but tells Mina why everyone was there. He also begins to arrange for her to accompany him to meet with Director Thorn.

1.4.6. The Cantina

Sherri arrives at the cantina and finds the lovely Lieutenant Sun dealing with the effects of her newly awakened powers. They have a little bonding where it's hinted that Sho Chan has developed pyrokenitic powers. A short while later, Nal and Kyra arrive. Nal begins to get to know Sherri and get a little closer professionally. Kyra meanwhile chats with the lieutenant and the two of them bond some. By the end of the conversation, Nal had learned that an Agent Griffon had prosecuted Sherri for poaching a species of rat that wasn't even native to the planet she was on. He also learned that she was originally from an agarian world before having to relocate with her family to a city planet that was infested with those rats. All in all, it was a productive scene for all involved.

1.5. Going Planetside

After a little rest and relaxation, it was time to head planetside. Damari smuggles the princess aboard the shuttle Nal is piloting to the dig site. After some introductions and questions about what the princess was doing on his shuttle, Kyra lifts off with a comment about how he hates formality unless a pretty face is involved and the session ends there.

2. Thoughts

Over all, this was a great session. We got to seem more of Damari and Rook, who I'm sure is going to try to kill Damari before too long. There was also some delving into both player and non-player characters which I loved and want to see more of. We've got a plan that I'm sure will go awry before the next session is out, and we're seeing more and more threads while weaving some of our own. I think that Mailanka is doing a fantastic job of involving everyone and keeping things running while also making the named NPCs compelling characters. Not something that is easy in any medium, much less one that is realtime. I look forward to the next session and I'm starting to wonder if we might be able to persuade the good GM to run another Imperial game with most of the PCs returning. I'm loving the dynamic that is cropping up between the characters and especially Nal and Kyra.

That said, I have notices that while we all get along well, the players seem to have very different playstyles. Sherri's player, Kalzazz, for example, is much more focussed on here and now. There's little thought spared for background and he doesn't like coming up with background on the spot. I, on the other hand, am very much into character background and world building. I can come up with a character's background on the spot if need be. I've done it before and I have a blast world building for characters. I haven't noticed if the other three players lean on way or the other, though. I think Mailanka is closer to my playstyle since he was the one that put Kalzazz on the spot about Sherri's background, but that's just speculation that could be totally off since it isn't something that I've been paying attention to. It is interesting to note how well the game's run despite the widely different playstyles of two of the players. I think that is a testament to player maturity and good gming. That said, there was a lot of good banter in and out of character which makes me sad that I forgot to record this session. I'll be setting that up and plan to have it ready to go next time.

3. Conclusion

Overall, I think things are going very well. I look forward to January and the next session. I think that Mailanka may be able to fit this into four or five sessions total given how quickly we moved this session, but I also suspect that things are going to happen that throw things way out of line for all involved. These are some amazing guys and I hope that I get a chance to play with them again after we've finished Tinker Titan, Rebel Spy.