Now that we've established the core of our setting, it's time to talk game mechanics. We'll be discussing templates and technology available as well as what our core books will be.

The idea is to fail faster, so I want to get something playable, not perfect. This means that I'll be using things as is for the most part and then tweaking things later.

Hitting the Books

For this campaign, our main books, besides the Basic Set, are Ultra-Tech, Bio-Tech, Spaceships, and Action. These have the core gear and technologies that we'll use to build our setting. My players are wanting a more Cyberpunkish feel, so to that end, we'll be using TL9 as our base Tech Level. Computers and Medical technologies are at TL11, and for the sake of making things fit more into Cyberpunk, we'll say that Cybernetics are also at TL11. I'm not going to use nano tech, so that should help limit what our players can get up to as far as making things on the fly. Spaceships presents its own challenges. I want fairly common travel, and the really good drives don't open up until TL 10, so we'll go ahead and bump that to TL 10 with some superscience tech to give things a more space opera feel, namely FTL drives, gravitic compensators, contragravity, and artifical gravity.

Now, I know that most fo the time we want to carefully consider what the implications are of the tech set we've chosen, but as I said, the idea is to fail faster, so I'm going to just being going in as is. We'll tweak later once we've found things that don't work and need to work them out.

Building Character(s)

I'm not going to require templates, but I will suggest looking at Action 1 and Action 4 for suitable skill sets. We are expecting things to go wrong, and when they do, fireworks will happen. As already established, characters will have 250/-125 point limits. This should give us a nice bit of dysfunctionality and plenty of hooks to hang threads on so we can yank on them later. It should also give us appropriately skilled protagonists and let us build sufficiently skilled antagonists to challenge them without having completely ridiculous point totals.

All in all, this is more about setting up what will be used and give us something to start playing with. I'll be working with the players to build their characters and then we'll be going in on a short adventure that will see if this works and what kinds of holes need to be filled. I know things are going to be rough at times, but I hope that this will just polish the skills I need to make this better.